Services Update

Year 13 Day 126

Yesterday, Marasai's shields became fully operational and with it new protocols have gone into effect over access to the surface of the planet. No one will be permittted access to the surface of Marasai except Invid personnel and organizations whom hold either a treaty or NAP with the Invid. This proclamation goes into effect immediately.

In other news, the Hierarch issued a statement elaborating on accepting more contracts from present and future clients. "We have recently finished up a fairly large and major contract a lot sooner than we had anticipated. We currently have contracts in effect right now, though we are open to potential new contracts from clients once more." Said Hierarch Shadux.

Services Update

Year 13 day 61

In a recent press conference, Hierarch Shadux was asked how well business was for the Invid as to which he smiled and replied. "very well." Draith then paused and followed with "Actually, we are booked sold for what appears to be the next six months to year as we are working on a major contract." Speculation on the project has been somewhat quiet, though rumor has the project is of massive size and requiring the majority of the Invid's attention.

In other news, local officials have announced several new projects on the horizon including an expansion of production capabilities as well as increasing the commerce in not only Marasa space, though on the surface of Marasai as well. When asked about the new projects, officials stated further construction on additional shipyards as well as prodution slated to start in the current shipyard within 2 months. This is certainly good news as the people of Marasa have long awaited for new jobs to open up and with this announcement local unions will certainly be excited.

Katana Fleet News

KFVBanner Trade Fedaration

The Alliance: Trade Federation

Year 13 Day 300

The vid sreen shows the imposing site of the Invid Hall as it towers over a large crowd of civilians and mercenaries, all staring up at a large holo-projection of Draith Shadux, Hierarch of Katana Fleet.

'Greetings my brothers and sisters of Katana. I come before you today to make a grand announcement of a momentous occasion. As some of you likely know, before I created this faction I was a member of the Trade Federation where I served for quite some time. When Invid was resurrected, I had the full blessing of my friends in the Trade Federation and was also permitted to remain a lord of the Evocati Order.'

'A month or so before we completed Operation Titan, we were asked to take on a project for the Trade Federation, which we did and completed successfully, ahead of their expectations. It was during this project, Viceroy Jansen approached me and gave praise on how well we operated as a group and also how quickly and efficiently we were able to tackle the project known as Operation Aspis. Nearing the end of Aspis, Viceroy Jansen proposed a treaty between the Trade Federation and our great faction,' Heirarch Shadux has to pause at this point as cheers erupt from the crowd. A smile passes across his face as he waits for the crowd to quieten so he can continue. 'I presented the treaty terms to the Conclave to review and examine. After months of adjusting documents and talks, I am proud to announce we have signed a protectorate treaty with the Trade Federation and it's nationalized factions.'

A deafening cheer breaks out and the Heirarch's smiles breaks out in to a grin and his holo-projection spreads out his arms towards the crowd. The cheering soon turns to chants; starting with a loud shout of 'vive la mort' followed by the rest of the crowd roaring 'vive la mort' and pumping their fists in to the air. A chant of 'vive la guerre' soon flows through the air, a roar of the same quickily following it. And finally 'vive le sacré mercenaire' precedes yet another roar. But the crowd are not finished there and the cycle starts once more as the vid screen cuts away.

Reborn: Marasa Crisis

Year 13 Day 239

The events as they unfolded:

BREAKING NEWS: Reports are coming in from various wireless channels that a fleet has emerged from hyperspace and in route to Marasai. Very little is known at this time other than the fleet is considered hostile and on a course towards Marasai. Invid officials have gone on to say that the armada is being assembled as quickly as possible, though many personnel are currently on assignment and only a small crew has been assembled so far to intercept and defend our system.

So far it appears the Invid have begun to mobilize with a couple Kaloth Battlecruisers and several Y-Wing starfighters. There is also an unconfirmed rumor that Hierarch Shadux's flagship is also being mobilized in an attempt to lead the few armada ships that are headed towards the incoming fleet.

We will have more news on the crisis as events begin to unfold.

BREAKING NEWS: Reports are coming in now that the invading force is made up of various Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruisers. Initial estimates are coming in that the number of invading vessels totals 13, though sources speculate that there possibly could be more as we have not received any confirmation from the Invid on this matter.

On the surface of Marasai, citizens have begun to shelter in place as Invid legion personnel issued a state of emergency and also have begun preparing ground defensive units.

Commander of Invid military forces, Kael Solan, had this too say from the surface of Marasai:

'In light of the unidentified force heading towards Marasai, we are currently in the process of taking precautionary measures to keep our citizens safe. Any non-military personnel located near to military installations are being evacuated to safe areas and given the best shelter available.'

'Civilian safety is the Legion's main concern at this moment in time, so citizens are expected to cooperate fully and allow our troopers to do their jobs. Furthermore, the Legion is currently on high alert and fortifying critical locations. It is suggested that citizens stay away from both permanent and temporary military installations for their own safety.'

'As for our new shields, they are in perfect working condition and operating at full power. In the unlikely event that this force gets past our armada, they will meet an unmovable wall of our engineering prowess.'

On Marasa, elements of the legion have began assembling at the Invid Hall, in anticipation of a likely attack. Also, legion elements have been reported powering up the shield on their outpost on MAF.

BREAKING NEWS: We have received several reports that the invading fleet has come to a stop just short of high orbit of Marasai. We have also been told the original estimate of vessels for the fleet is accurate with it being comprised of 13 Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruisers and no fighter support. It is also confirmed that the Kaloth Battlecruisers, Keristrasza and Sintharia have moved into position towards the rear of the Dreadnaughts, while the Sindragosa remains towards their front.

We've just now been informed that initial scans of the vessels report no sign of life on any of the Dreadnaughts and boarding parties have been sent to each of the 13 vessels to ascertain the situation.

Speculation is the ... I'm sorry, but I've just received word that Hierarch Shadux has issued a statement concerning the crisis.

"What was originally thought as a potential hostile force, was found to be quite the opposite. We have seized control of the derelict vessels and have begun towing them to our shipyards to further examine them and to estimate if the ships are salvageable. I have also issued an order to stand down from high alert status as there is no threat of danger to the people of our sector. Praeses Lestan will lead up the inspection team as they go over the abandoned vessels. I have full confidence in her abilities as she has extensive knowledge of starship designs and systems."

As it looks like we have avoided a potential attack, the question remains. Why and how did these vessels arrive at Marasa and what was their purpose, if any. We will bring you more on this as the story develops.

BREAKING NEWS: With the recent reports of the derelict fleet of Dreadnaughts and now finding them unmanned and in a severe state of disrepair, sporadic reports have been coming in of multiple Invid personnel meeting aboard Tirsa Tethra. Rumored to be amongst the gathered officials are Hierach Shadux, Praeses Lestan, Praetor Solan, as well as an unconfirmed rumor that Compulsor Steam is in communications via a secured holonet feed from out of the Kuat sector.

Several citizens of the Marasa system praised the quick efforts of the Invid in securing the local populace before any possible hostilities could occur. There was a report sent in earlier stating sporadic looting taking place in Tavira, though that report was proven false as it was actually just a shipment of medical supplies that had come loose from their holding restraints on board a Sprint-class Shuttle and fell out of the ship and onto the landing pad.

We've also re .. just a moment folks. We've now been told that a press conference is slated for later today by Hierarch Shadux aboard Tirsa Tethra. Details about the event, as well as news brought on from finding these vessels will be announced as well, during the press conference.